28 May 2013



Rowing in skiffs is a sociable and low cost sport, suited to all ages and abilities and a great way to learn how to row. Skiffs are hand-crafted traditional wooden sculling (rowing) racing boats with fixed seats and come in two types- singles and doubles which are steered by a cox. Skiff racing is offered at all categories from beginners – novices through to senior in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Regattas have side by side sprint skiff racing on a course of approx 600m, and there are also long distance events which are raced as timed events. The annual Skiff Championships are held on the Henley Course which sees the Championship events being raced as well as other categories. The season then finishes with the award of the Ormiston trophy which goes to the club with the highest skiff wins of the year.

Please look at the club activities for more details of skiffing at Dittons.

New members are welcome to try skiff rowing any time during the year- please contact the club to find out more.