19 July 2013


Chertsey Regatta Results

The conditions on the day were challenging, to say the least. With a raging tailwind straight down the bendy course, the journey to the start was rather arduous. However, this was followed by a very swift race to the finish!

Thank you very much to all who transported boats, blades and poles; brought refreshments’ and fulfilled many roles on and off the water. Plus, all those who came to cheer us on.

Well done to all those who raced and congratulations to the following skiffing winners:

LSD Natalie MacLean, Rebecca Hurley, & Sheila Ward (Cox)
MED Carol Jenkinson, Ajay Patel & Sian Patel (Cox)
GIS Rupert Ingham
GVD Lee Marriner, Simon Leifer & Sheila Ward (Cox)

Natalie’s Punting Report
“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow! You cataracts and hurricanoes”.

The conditions were lively on the punting course but the Dittons punters prevailed with wins for Sandy Nairne in both 2ft singles handicap and best and best handicap.

Rebecca Hurley and Natalie MacLean won the ladies’ doubles handicap. It was, however, a victory for all the punters over very difficult wind and water.


Hampton Court & Dittons Regatta

Hampton Court & Dittons Regatta took place on Saturday 21st July held in glorious sunshine and very hot conditions. A course invasion was threatened by some inflatable unicorns and rubber dinghies, but other than that, it was a magnificent day that ran like clockwork.

Thank you to everybody who pitched in to help with course laying, management of boats on the hard, time keeping, umpiring, tea coffee, buns and cakes and the bar.

Well done to all who raced and congratulations to the following winners:

GHD Andy Wells, Fabrice Gouttebroze & Patricia Cammack (Cox)
LSD Natalie MacLean, Rebecca Hurley & Patricia Cammack (Cox)
LND Pamela Hoad, Mandi Ronald & Ruth Kinight (Cox)
GVS Tim Tomlinson
NJVD John Roscoe, Nick Ronald & Sarah Duffy (Cox)

Over on the ‘dark side’ of the Thames, an entertaining programme of Punting ran with a clean sweep for Dittons, which provided exciting racing for the spectators on the club house balcony.

Well done to all who raced and congratulations to the following winners:

Gents 2 Ft Singles HandicapPeter Williams
Ladies 2 Ft Singles HandicapHazel MacLean
Gent’s Best & Best Handicap Sandy Nairne
Gent’s Handicap DoublesPeter Williams and Sandy Nairne
Ladies Handicap DoublesHazel MacLean & Natalie MacLean
The Three Lion Memorial Punting
in Canoes Challenge
Sandy Nairne
The Invitation DoublesPriya Patel & Natalie MacLean

(Special mention here for Mandi Ronald & Jon Holden for bravely competing in this terrifying event and to Mike Hart & Mark Vellacot for taking care of them.)

There was some magnificent improvised swimming displays in a beautiful warm and crystal clear Thames on a beautiful day


Wraysbury & Old Windsor Regatta Results

What a difference a week makes!

The howling winds from last week were replaced by tranquil conditions and lots of sunshine. Thanks to those who transported blades and everyone who came along to support.

Well done to everyone who raced and congratulations to the skiffing winners:

GHD Jon Titchener, Justin Rodriguez and Sheila Ward (Cox)
MVD Anne Newman, Nick Ronald and Sarah Duffy (Cox)
GVD Blue Laughland, Chris Milward and Anne Newman (Cox)

Further upstream, the ounting provided exciting races. There were wins for Kit Nirne in Gents Best and Best, Punting in Canoes, in a composite crew with Paul Barfoot from WSPC for Gents 2’ double handicap and with Rebecca Hurley in Mixed 2’ Handicap.
Mandi Ronald won the Ladies Novice Restricetd 2’ after she and Priya Patel rose to the challenge of steering their first singles race


Sunbury Regatta

Yesterday saw the annual fun and frolics that is Sunbury regatta. Faces were painted, castles were bounced upon, and the day was rounded off with spectacular fireworks. Thanks to those who transported boats and blades, helped on and off the water, and everyone who came along to support.

There were lots of exciting races with some close results, well done to everyone who raced, and congratulations to the skiffing winners –

GSD – Russell Groom, Justin Rodriguez, Lyssum Ross (cox)
MVD – Lyssum Ross, Boysie Reynolds, Maia Grace (cox)
GED – Ajay Patel, Bruce Caldwell, Maia Grace (cox)


Punting Championship at Maidenhead – Feast your eyes on that silverware!
Dittons punters put on a fine show yesterday at Maidenhead to take the Blue Ribbon event of Amateur Champion of the Thames – Kit Nairne

Ladies’ singles Champion – Natalie MacLean,
Ladies’ 2ft handicap single – Hazel MacLean,
Gentlemen’s Veteran Doubles – John Douglass and Mark Vellacott,
Classified and Drawn – Peter Williams and Hazel MacLean.

We lost the interclub races to Wargrave Boat Club by two races to one. The crews were men’s single – Kit Nairne, men’s doubles (winning) – Sandy Nairne and Peter Williams, mixed double – Mark Vellacott and Natalie MacLean.

Thank you to all who helped set up and run the regatta, trailing and loading boats, running the best tea tent on the Thames and turning out to support our racing crews. YouTube video from yesterday here – https://youtu.be/njsBIZCOJs8


Teddington Reach Regatta/Skiff Champs Results

Yesterday the Teddington Reach Regatta /Skiff Champs were held at the Remenham Club at Henley. It was a tad damp weather wise, actually, the heavens opened, there was torrential rain, wind and it was very cold!

We had a disappointingly small entry from Dittons. Two crews and one last minute composite crew. Despite this there was some very strong and exciting racing from our crews.

Congratulations to Maia Grace who won J15 Invitation mixed doubles with Ollie Deacon of Wargrave. Beautifully skiffed by both crew who had only just met as they got into the boat for their first heat. One of the biggest cups I have seen!
Thanks to all that came to support and endured the dreadful weather in good spirits.

Thanks also to Mike Hart, John Roberts and Malcolm Knight who spent hours driving the launch. Thanks also to Malcolm for towing the boats up and back.

Skiff Champs Report

The most exciting race of the day was the Ladies Championships Doubles heat between Valley and Dittons.

Lyssum and Siobhan coxed by Maia (who’d returned from their holiday for the event) took off side by side with the Valley crew and that’s where they finished – a dead heat! The second start for a half course saw the crews battle it out with the amazing result – another dead heat!!

A question was asked if the stagger should have been instigated for the restart, the Race Committee was convened and decided that the race should stand as performed – meanwhile the crews sat out on the river in the rain and then went back to the short start for the third race.

Both crews gave it their all and as they crossed the line the Valley crew had the narrowest of margins to take the win – well done to our racing Ladies, you came so close!


Skiff Club Regatta

It was a lovely day yesterday for Skiff Club regatta, with lots of sunshine and a good entry from Dittons.  The Dunkirk Boats sailed past at lunchtime and lots of fun was had by all.
Thank you very much to everyone who transported boats, blades and poles, helped on and off the water, and  everyone who came along to cheer us on!
Well done to everyone who raced, and congratulations to the skiffing winners –

LSD – Lyssum Ross, Siobhan O’Sullivan, Maia Grace (cox)
MHD – Siobhan O’Sullivan, Ross Donnellan, Sheila Ward (cox)
MVD – Lyssum Ross, Chris Millward, Maia Grace (cox)
GIS – Ross Donnellan
LND – Priya Patel, Karen Revill, Sian Patel (cox)

Natalie’s punting report
The sound of laughter and punters falling out of their pesky boats floated across the Thames to the Skiff Club lawn yesterday. This summer’s brave novices packed the programme (they weren’t the ones falling in interestingly) and we had a grand time racing a good turnout from our friends the Skiff Club Punters.
Congratulations to the winners:
Gents 2ft single handicap – Mike Hart
Gent’s best and best  handicap – Sandy Nairne
Gent’s handicap doubles – Sandy Nairne and Jon Holden
Gent’s novice restricted – Jon Holden
Mixed doubles handicap – Sandy Nairne and Rebecca Hurley
Ladies’ doubles handicap – Rebecca Hurley and Natalie MacLean


Well although it was supposed to be dry at Wraysbury, it wasn’t, as the soggy attendees of this last regatta of the year can attest.
However, despite the weather there was a full programme and Dittons skiffers competed in what turned out to be a series of very close races, sadly mostly not in our favour.

Thank you to those who transported blades, poles and boats, and everyone who helped and supported.
Well done to everyone who raced, and congratulations to the skiffing winners
LED – Dianne Geldenhuis, Juliette Curran, Anne Newman (cox)

Natalie’s punting report
The sky wept because it was the last punt racing of the hot, sunny, wonderful 2018 (it rained.)
Mike Hart stormed through with three wins in mixed doubles with Rebecca Hurley, classified and drawn with Chris Cully and on his own account in canoes.
Alex Dexter raced with Paul Barfoot and won gentleman’s handicap doubles.
The rest of us had some good racing and got wet!

The Wraysbury long distance scull

The Wraysbury long distance scull was postponed from the Royal Wedding weekend until yesterday, and what a difference a week made to the weather! Rather than the constant rain at Wraysbury regatta last week, we had beautiful sunshine and a light breeze.
Thank you very much to Mike for trailing the boats and blades, and to everyone who came along to support, especially those who were then roped in to race! We had 4 crews in the top 10, see results below.
Well done to everyone who raced, and congratulations to the winners

LSD – Natalie MacLean, Rebecca Hurley, Karen Revill (cox) (10th overall)
LID – Jo Hand, Anne Newman, Niall Trimble (cox) (20th overall)
GVD – Mike Hart, Simon Leifer, Caroline Graham (cox) (7th overall)

SRA Long Distance Doubles/SRA End of Season Awards

The sun shone and it was a beautiful autumn day, well it was on Saturday. Yesterday for the SRA Long Distance Doubles it was a very different story, a grey and damp morning with occasional horrendous downpours, very similar to the singles marathon the week before!

A large entry for the Long Distance Doubles at Valley which was fabulous and resulted in there being three divisions for the day. Despite a couple of crews scratching due to the flu and also injury we had a strong entry for Dittons.

Congratulations to our winners who were:

GSD, Russell Groom, Justin Rodriguez and Patricia Cammack cox.
GND, Rupert Ingham and Ajay Patel, cox Anne Newman
GVD140 Tim Tomlinson, Blu Laughland and cox Lucy Richardson
LID Anne Newman, Jo Hand and cox Caroline Graham

A good days racing for all, to be noted was the wonderful result that Russell, Justin and Patricia bet Sal Hassan and Dave Clarke!

The event marked the end of the racing season for this year and therefore the Skiff Racing Association Awards. Dittons won the following:

The Veteran Pennant

The Junior Pennant where we were joint winners with Wargrave. Racing this year has been very challenging due to lack of opposition from other clubs, so very few races but still a shared win.

The Junior Sculler of the Year Award went to Maia Grace and was a lovely recognition of her hard work over the last 5 years. There were nominations from Wraysbury and also from Valley.

Valley won the Ormiston Cup with 70 points, Skiff Club had 43 and Dittons 40.
The SRA Most Improved Sculler award went to BenThompson of Valley.

As the racing season has now ended it is a good opportunity to say thank you to several people who make racing possible:

To all the coxes with out whom we would be lost!
To Rebecca for putting in our race entries, dealing with dozens of emails from us all and being asked relentlessly if she could find people a cox.
To Malcom and Mike for trailing boats as needed this summer.
To Clare for sorting out our fees to other clubs and also collecting money from all of us.
To Malcom, Clare, John Attwood and Woolie for making sure the blades and boats are kept in racing order.

Thanks to all who have helped.